Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Interior Design London UK

Interior Design London UK

Whatever your interest in interior design, London is likely to have what you are looking for. Maybe you are seeking inspiration and imaginative tips on interior design for your own home or you are an interior designer and want to promote your own work, or perhaps you want to hire the services of a professional designer or even study interior design yourself, no matter what your need is, there is no better place to satisfy it than from the design capital of the UK itself, London.

Visiting Exhibitions in London

London hosts a number of exciting exhibitions every year, some of which focus on a specific area of interior design and others that are broader in their approach. Exhibitions serve many purposes, they can showcase new talent and fresh ideas from up and coming interior designers often alongside the work of already well established and highly sought after designers in the industry, they highlight the latest fashions and trends, spark new creative ways of thinking, provide opportunities to network and increase business sales and of course they offer the chance to view the work of some of the best interior designers in the world.

The following list represents just three Interior Design Exhibitions that regularly take place in London:

o 100 Percent Design - Exhibition usually takes place in September over 3 days and is open to the general public on one of those days. More information can be found at http://www.100percentdesign.co.uk

o Decorex - This exhibition also takes place each September but is only for trade and professionals in the interior design industry. Details of the next exhibition can be found at http://www.decorex.co.uk

o New Designers Exhibition - opens to the public and exhibits the work of thousands of new and up and coming designers every July. You can find out more information from http://www.newdesigners.co.uk

There are of course many other exhibitions taking place throughout the year and a list of them can be viewed on The British Interior Design Association website at http://www.bida.org

Hiring a professional Interior Designer

Many of us would like to transform our own home and although we may start out with great ideas and intentions, quite a few of us never actually get around to doing anything about it. Hiring a professional interior designer is one way of getting it done and if you don't have someone in mind already; one place to start looking is The British Interior Design Association. The BDA keep a list on their site of interior designers who are either registered members or associated members.

Registered members are the most qualified and have the most experience as in order to get registered they have to satisfy the Association's strict criteria. An Associate member has to have been working in the industry for at least a year and will have passed the association's interview process for membership. You can search for an interior designer at http://www.bida.org.

Another option is The Interior Design Handbook website at http://www.interiordesign.com, where you can search a list of potential designers by location as well as speciality. You will also be able to view their profiles online.

Studying Interior design in London

London offers hundreds of courses on various aspects of interior design starting from the most basic right through to graduate degrees and beyond and so finding the right one can seem like a daunting task but it needn't be if you know where to look.

A small sample of interior design schools in London include:

o The KLC school of Design

o The AIU School of Interior Design

o The Interior Design School

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Interior Design London UK
Interior Design London UK
Interior Design London UK

Sunday, December 19, 2010

5 Popular Ling Room Design Ideas

5 Popular Ling Room Design Ideas

Decorating a living room shouldn't be too extravagant and expensive. If you are in a tight budget, you can always do it yourself instead of hiring an interior designer; but if you can afford to hire a good designer, then why not. You can plan ahead and check for designs on the internet or magazines to visualize the effect on your actual living room.

Below are some of the popular living room design ideas that you may find on the internet and in various home design magazines:

1. Classic-Modern Design is one of the most common living room design ideas. Homes that have Classic-Modern style design enjoy mostly the relaxing feel and texture of the living space. If you have a very geometric or sharp edged space, toning and softening it with textures is the way to do it.

2. Hawaiian-inspired Design is not so difficult to achieve. Always remember the key elements: hand-made native ornaments and accessories, woven furniture, bamboo and of course the signature bold floral prints. If you love the Hawaiian sun, sea and flora, you can incorporate these aspects when planning for your living room design.

3. Modern Zen Design is made to relax and bring comfort into your living space. This living room design idea is quite popular nowadays especially for folks who wanted to have balance and comfort in their home. Having a focal point in your living room and accents to balance the style are the key ingredients. Incorporate a natural feel by opening up the room and letting in some natural light completes the Zen feel.

4. Tropical Style brings in the outdoor color pallets. The lush greens and yellows of natural flora are just two of most common colors you can find in a tropical living room design idea. Choose colors that are found naturally like the color of trees, plants, flowers and fruits. Think of a tropical forest or a market full of tropical fruits to inspire your design.

5. Victorian Style living rooms are plush and classy. You would normally find Victorian Style living rooms in Victorian style homes and hotels. The key here is classic sophisticated style with a splash of color and texture. Victorian style living rooms speak of opulence.

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5 Popular Ling Room Design Ideas
5 Popular Ling Room Design Ideas
5 Popular Ling Room Design Ideas
5 Popular Ling Room Design Ideas

Friday, September 24, 2010

Best small kitchen design and small kitchen design ideas

Best small kitchen design and small kitchen design ideas is the curse of many cooks, apartment dwellers and home owners around the world. Most people give up in defeat and naturally assume that the best solution for the tiny or small kitchen layout is to move out! But this is not necessarily the true in all cases. In fact many cramped cookeries can be reformed with a good small kitchen layout.

Small Kitchen Layouts Are Unique To Remodel
Small kitchens (with 126 square feet of floor space or less) have always been considered to be troublesome when you need to remodel them. This is mainly because you just don't have the flexibility as you do when working with larger kitchen design layout spaces. This is why you must learn to be very creative when planning your small kitchen design.

Best small kitchen design and small kitchen design ideas can be very expensive to remodel and if you use a solidly prepared small kitchen layout, you can save yourself lots of money since the cabinetry and appliances for small kitchens are often under-sized.

The 3 Popular Small Kitchen Designs
The most common small kitchen layout is the "One Wall" or "cluster". In this layout as the name implies all the appliances and sink are pushed up against a single wall in a line. The advantage of this design is that you fit in any appliance; in any order you desire as long as the wall is at least 8 feet in length. And if the wall is less than 8 ft. you can still use smaller size equipment such as a 20-inch cooking range instead of the standard 30 inch. You save on space and money in one purchase.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Azzedine Alaia's three Paris apartments

A peek inside: Azzedine Alaia's three Paris apartments
The much admired Tunisian Azzedine Alaïa, has given the opportunity to anyone from the outside to get a feel of his lifestyle and appreciation of the world of design from the inside.

Mr. Alaïa has converted a 300 sqm loft hosted in a traditional 17th century building in the very private Rue de Moussy of Marais district in Paris, into three exclusive apartments/suites.

It really does not get more boutique then this. The idea behind these three 100sqm apartments is for a lover of fashion & design visitor to get a feel of the true Parisian life. It is a hotel concept which incorporates the necessary facilities of daily life.

Each interior has a private entrance and once inside, a complete fitted kitchen meets all the needs of the guests. The fashion designer’s aim was to achieve a true feeling of a home away from home. It is important to have the luxury of a hotel but at the same time to open the door and feel that you are somewhere familiar and close to you.

Azzedine Alaïa himself designed all the interiors and this has given us an opportunity to see his personal style and sense of living. The overall structure is kept to a white palette exuberating purity and openness. Colour is introduced dominantly through the kitchen’s flamboyant cabinetry, which is different in every apartment.

The 60’s inspired colors are present also in the furniture pieces are vibrant and controlled in a surprising kind of way. The bedrooms keep to a subtle and warm pallet creating an atmospheric environment for relaxation, toned down and calm with an attention to detail everywhere.

It is in apartments such as these with true old-fashioned attention to detail that make you reminisce of the old times. A great example of this is the sliding wardrobe in the sleeping quarters. Here we see the introduction of two finishing materials presented both in the exterior and interior. The wooden drawers, together with the bottom supports for the green shelves, pay beautiful attention to detailed craftsmanship.

The furniture & lighting within the interiors have been selected from a range of the designer’s favorites. Jean Prouve, Marc Newson, Arne Jacobsen, Charlotte Perriand, Pierre Paulin and Andre Sornay are everywhere, they surround you and they make your stay - oh - so much more delightful. Everything has been selected so that it can be appreciated. Each item has its space and area around it in order to understand its importance. The nakedness of the walls has a lot to do with the sense of looseness and lightness you feel when inside. No excess artwork or decorative objects just openness and design. This approach to all three ‘suites’ simply leaves room for inspiration.

We were also very surprised to find out that breakfast is served from the designer’s private kitchen, as his quarters ( boutique, altelier, showroom, warehouse and private dwelling) are a stone throw away; a personal touch of simplicity and personality.

Azzedine Alaïa has opened the doors to his personal preference of living in absolute style. We were not surprised to discover that this meant an appreciation towards the old, attention to detail, where less means more in order to make room for admiration.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

bedroom curtains design 2011

Curtains in the bedrooms vary by room,master bedroom should be the curtains of their be basic components and not supplements.

And prefer to be curtains bedrooms of several layers ,the layer close to the glass should be "Black" proof of the passage of the sun so you get maximum privacy and darkness in the dawn.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Modern Interior Design For Kitchen Ideas

Some kitchens are advised as abstracted areas absolutely exposed. Others are anxiously busy to bout the adjoining spaces. In both cases, the kitchen bank are the capital treatments for decorating the allowance occupied. The painting charcoal a accepted choice, but the ambit of "cooking" colors has skyrocketed. Cornflower blue, adulate yellow, bright, active red and blooming are acclimated as the base for the country French or Tuscan kitchen adornment themes. Wallpaper options alignment from abreast American designs. In addition, Slate, Saltillo and ceramics already acclimated alone in the plants actuality acclimated in the walls to add beheld absorption and texture.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

2011 curtains Accessories for kids rooms

Kids love to play and fun , kids bedroom need to a different nature from other rooms it must be concerned with bright colors and colorful ,children's rooms curtains must also be with the paintings in bright colors and the forms of cartoons and , It is better for child to choose the colors with himself in order to be amused .

Take care of children's room Accessories
If you want your child to be enjoying at home

children's bedroom Curtains with white color with flowers forms

short curtain with cartoons forms

New form of children's Curtains accessories

Accessories Curtains with beauty and attractiveness

The picture shows interference colors help attract the attention of the child.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Chinese Interior Design Essentials

Globalization in the 21st century has made it possible for us to become open to fresh and unique concepts in decorating and designing our homes. One of the design themes we have learned to admire is Chinese interior design.

When we look at Oriental homes, we admire them for their opulent and exotic beauty. At first glance, the setup seems easy to reconstruct, but in reality, very few people have a deep understanding of the basics of Chinese interior design.

Dating back thousands of years, Chinese interior design is founded on the principles of energy, simplicity, and nature. They strive to achieve surroundings characterized by tranquility and peace, and since Chinese culture is steeped in tradition, the elements in Chinese interior design should also reflect the values of the people living in the home.

Chinese Interior Design Fundamentals

One of the most basic principles to be observed in Chinese interior design is simplicity. For them, a room should not be filled with all sorts of common decor. What is important is the proper placement of a few valuable and beautiful objects in a room to achieve optimal effects.

By using just a few focal points, the rooms remain light, roomy, and simple, yet still reflective of the owner's impeccable taste.

Another element commonly used in Chinese interior design is the use of screens. These items are both decorative and functional - they not only enliven a room but also serve to keep one's privacy.

Many years ago, these frames were constructed with light materials, making use of latticework serving as a grid for the sheer fabric or paper. Today, the screens can be made of various materials such as bamboo or expensive wood decorated with delicate ivory inlay.

A dressing screen may also have foldable panels to make it fit in various areas of the home. It's a very inexpensive way to add a touch of Asia to your simple but stylish Chinese interior design. The great thing about screens is that depending on the design, they can also be used for other interior design themes.

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Chinese Interior Design Essentials